Samuel Marchal

Web Developer
Hired ! Soon in Strasbourg !

About me

I'm Samuel Marchal, mostly known as zessx on the Internet.

Web Developer, I'm a strong user of PHP 5, jQuery, SASS and Bootstrap.

I'm continually looking to try new technologies,
you can follow my discoveries and my tips on my blog.



HashIcon generate unique icons based on a hash. It currently work with SHA-256, GOST, HAVAL-256 and SNEFRU.


Drulers is a debug rulers tool for front-end developers.
It simply add rulers on your page, which can be easily hidden.



24SSgrid is a solid grid for SASS.
It use 24 columns by default, but is fully configurable.


Monsterflat is a pack of websites' logos using flat design.
An iconic font based on it is planned in future.

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